Monday, December 1, 2008

Congratulations, Winters!

Words really can't express how happy we are for the Winters and today being (FINALLY) the day that they have passed court. They are officially and once and for all the parents of a beautiful little boy we had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with in Ethiopia - Eli Abdulshikur! This 'passage' is especially heartfelt for us because we were placed on the waiting list on the same day as the Winters, both for infants of either gender. And we received our referrals for Noah Arone & Eli Abdulshikur one day apart. We haven't let a day go by where we didn't look at Noah and think about how grateful we are to have him, and also how tough it must be for them, and have been for them as the days passed and they still didn't have Eli. It's been over 250 days since those referrals! And Rebecca has still continued to visit our blog, leave sweet comments and stay positive through the whole thing. I have no idea if I could have been as strong, I only know that she is my hero for her grace, and I'm so happy that TODAY she is finally, officially Eli's MOM!