Friday, February 29, 2008

13 weeks/3 months waiting - check

Today is the conclusion of exactly 13 weeks and 3 months of waiting for our referral. I have to say - this whole concept is difficult to actually grasp. The thought that literally at any point starting now, we may get a phone call of this magnitude is just too surreal. We're trying to take it all in but I'm not sure the reality will really hit us for some time. After all of the issues we have faced with trying to start our family, all of these issues that I wouldn't trade for the world because they are what led us to and through this amazing journey, we simply won't believe it's real until it truly is, I'm guessing. It's the hope that it is, for now, that keeps us going.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

April, anyone?

So far I have only March guesses which I'm afraid is getting my hopes up way too high. The reality is our referral according to our agency timeline could come any time between March 1 - April 30...or beyond. We really appreciate all the fun guesses and of course, we hope one of you optimistic March guessers is right (thank you!!)but April is wide open if anyone would like to take a stab in that direction. For my sanity?

Also, BIG congrats to the latest referrals - these families waited a while and I know they must be so happy right about now - Eric&Sharon, Roberts and Thornes. And be sure to check out lil Nathan, who is home with his family - sooo cute!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Husband! and Who is Psychic??

Today is my sweet, adorable husband's birthday. So I figured what better way to celebrate than by posting an embarrassing and yet still ADORABLE photo of him as a little guy on our baby blog. So here you go, folks! This is Anil in India wearing a mundu, and the woman in the photo is his grandmother.

I love my incredible husband so much. And I thought it might be fun on this big day (it's one of those decade changing birthdays, you know) if we did the guessing game. So if you'd like to take a guess at when we will get our referral call and whether it will be a boy or a girl, please do! I know he will love reading everyone's best guess. Keep in mind that today marks 12 weeks of waiting for us and we are requesting an infant. Happy guessing!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My sis, Laura, chatted me today and complained that I hadn't posted in a while. I must admit - I dismissed her pretty quickly because I was at work, and feeling the Monday blues on a Tuesday because we had the holiday off yesterday, and I didn't want to be reminded that I hadn't posted. I have been feeling the pressure to write something since Friday, which for us marked 11 weeks waiting but nothing was coming to me. So since it was my sister who bugged me to post, I guess I'll have to blog about, who else, but my sister!

My sister is the best sister I have, and yes, she is my only sister, but I feel sure that I would say that even if that weren't true. She's pretty cool. She taught 3rd grade at a school in the St. Louis area for the last few years and this year she switched to become the technology teacher at this same school. She was nervous about this transition but so far, I think she is loving it.

Laura is a sweet girl with a huge heart who loves to laugh and listen to country music, and work out at Curves. She also has a passion for those precious moments dolls, which I never understood, but I always admired her for having a hobby. I never did as a kid, really. She loves movies and going out for dinner with my parents and most especially, she loves shopping with my mom. They are more like best friends than mother and daughter. And they live in the town I grew up in, about 5 minutes away from one another.

I do have a brother too, and in all fairness, I'll blog about him another time. But this is my sis. Also, she'll kill me for this, but I might add that she is single. So if any of you blogger pals know any single men looking for a fun, energetic, adorable Illinois girl, let me know! Laura rocks!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

10 Weeks & 9 Shots Down

Today is 10 - double digits! With every week that passes we get more excited knowing that we are that much closer to holding our baby for the first time. In the meantime, we have lots to do.

We started on our travel immunizations this past week. So far, we are 9 shots in, total, for the 2 of us (5 for me, 4 for Anil). They really aren't too bad. Just this yellow fever one we got yesterday has us feeling a little bit under the weather, but it's pretty mild. I was a little nervous about this part, so happy to have most of these behind us. Just a few more shots and a few more weeks (okay, maybe more than a few but who's counting) to go!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Must've been something in the cookies...

Wow - we are still in shock. The Giants somehow pulled it out today and WON the Super Bowl. It's crazy. I'm not sure anyone, even those who were wishfully thinking, could have truly predicted this. It's another shocker, as far as I'm concerned. I made these cookies to show our team spirit, I'm thinking it made a difference, don't you?

So far, this year is really going well for us. We are loving it and hoping that it's all a great indication of what's yet to come.

Not only did our Giants win today - but we also ended up winning this random $2 betting game that our gracious hosts put into action! That was so much fun too!

It's been a great weekend. We're really happy. Friday was 9 weeks down for us on the waiting trail, for those that are keeping track (like me!) day soon we know we'll get that call that will change our lives forever. All afternoon at our Super Bowl party, people were saying things like 'it's not going to be the same for you guys next year, with the baby and all'...we just kept saying that the Giants being in it couldn't have happened at a better time. And also thinking BRING IT ON!

Have a great week, everybody!