Thursday, February 28, 2008

April, anyone?

So far I have only March guesses which I'm afraid is getting my hopes up way too high. The reality is our referral according to our agency timeline could come any time between March 1 - April 30...or beyond. We really appreciate all the fun guesses and of course, we hope one of you optimistic March guessers is right (thank you!!)but April is wide open if anyone would like to take a stab in that direction. For my sanity?

Also, BIG congrats to the latest referrals - these families waited a while and I know they must be so happy right about now - Eric&Sharon, Roberts and Thornes. And be sure to check out lil Nathan, who is home with his family - sooo cute!


Julie said...

Well our referral came a full two weeks AFTER the time frame given to us, which of course sucked. I hope yours comes early! I'm still hoping for my St. Patrick's Day guess for you guys.

paige said...

I actually had an April Fools day feeling when I read your post, but didn't want to put April since everyone was saying, anyway, I say April 1st. :) And boy.