Sunday, July 22, 2007

Almost Begun

Anil and I mailed off our info sheet today to Gladney, our choice for an adoption agency that will 'place' a baby with our family, hopefully within the next year. This info sheet is I've learned separate from the actual application, which is a much larger document that we will fill out in the next step, once our info sheet is received and reviewed. Let the fun begin!

We are getting very excited. I have met some really great people who have already adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, most of them over email at this point. But I am constantly amazed and humbled and thrilled that I have found such terrific people through the Yahoo groups I joined - all of them so willing to share their experiences, advice, opinions, and support. It is truly a blessing. Thanks to all of you who have responded to my numerous emails, you are an invaluable part of our process.

As we look forward to really getting this ball rolling, we envision a long and winding road and at the end, we will be sitting here in our living room, holding a beautiful little bundle of joy - that will be the bright light at the end of our tunnel and push us through all the paperwork, the ups&downs, the stress, the waiting. We will enjoy the journey that we have almost begun.

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