Saturday, August 18, 2007

Almost September

We've past the halfway mark toward September and I think Anil and I are both feeling a little behind the 8-ball with the adoption quest. His parents have been in town for most of the month and since they are staying with his sister in Pasadena, the weekends are the only chance we have to spend time with them and we love spending time with them. Hence, our inability to get much done and move forward with our paperchase.

Today though, Anil is taking them down to Bellflower to visit with some other family members. I was going to go along but we decided it was better if I stay here and get started on the organizing (as I sit here writing in my blog instead). Since they will spend the night there with them, we will spend the afternoon locked up in his office trying to play catch up with all of the many papers and forms we need to fill out, track down and mail off. I'm looking forward to feeling in control of all of this again. I'm excited to make nice, neat little files with all of the papers neatly tucked away inside. It's going to be so liberating! I never thought I'd be this exciting about filing in my life!

I took our little man, Georgie, to the vet this morning to get a shot he was due for...what a treat that was. He absolutely hates the vet. It doesn't matter which vet or where vet or when vet, he can sense them a mile away and he can't stand it. Our new vet just happens to be directly across the street from our house, which is very convenient. And since George loves to go for walks, I thought I'd just stroll him over casually and get done what we needed. We got across the street and as we entered the parking lot of Pet Medical Center, he froze. He would not move an inch. I tried to prod him forward, beg him to come along, but ended up having to scoop him up and carry him in the door. He shook like a leaf the entire time we were inside and luckily, the nice vet tech came out and had the shot right there with him, didn't even force G to go back to one of the dreaded exam rooms, and quickly slipped the needle inside and voila - done! I was impressed - no yelping, even with all the shaking, G took it like a man...and proceeded to shake all the way through paying the bill and waiting for printouts of his vaccination records (which we needed for the adoption)...poor lil guy.

Let's hope our baby doesn't hate the pediatrician as much as Georgie hates the vet...

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