Monday, August 18, 2008


If you haven't already, go check out the CELEBRATION going on over at Heather & Chris' camp. We are thrilled for them. Here are a few photos from our little celebration that night. I think it's fair to say from these photos that they are going to be AMAZING parents. Words can't describe how HAPPY we are for our dear friends!!!


Heather said...

Thanks Ange! You are the best! Those photos rock! I am so glad that you, Anil & Noah were there to celebrate this amazing day in our lives! I just get so weepy when I think of all the fun family things we are going to do together... life is good!!

We love you guys!
Heather & Chris

Laura said...

Heather and Chris are going to be fantastic parents! You can tell in part because how much Noah likes them! Congrats to Heather and Chris an see you all soon! Love, Auntie L :)