Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 60th, Uncle Rick!

Noah and his family wish to wish GREAT Uncle Rick a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Uncle Rick is one of Formerly Almost Mom's most faithful readers, and we could not let today go by without wishing him all the best and everything happy! We look forward to seeing you and celebrating next week!

And a Happy Birthday (one day belated) to another GREAT Uncle Ron, Rick's older brother, who celebrated 61 just yesterday. I didn't know my Grandma, but now that I'm a Mom to 1 little boy, I know that in her short life, she must have been BUSY!

Off to Illinois on Sunday with Noah - we have a plane flight alone together because Anil has to join us a few days later due to his work schedule. This should be interesting - I can say without a doubt, that I can't wait to GET THERE!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Rick! See you in 65 hours Noah and Mom!! Love, Auntie L and Gma Ohren :)