Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not only OKAY, but Student of the Month!

Just a quick update to let you all know that Noah Arone is doing great. He has been seizure free for over a week now (hopefully at some point it won't be as fresh in our minds but for now, we are counting the days - at first it was seconds, then minutes, then hours, now days) - and when we took him back to daycare on Friday of last week, we discovered that he had been named STUDENT OF THE MONTH! Anil found out when he dropped him off (the ladies had been dying to tell us) and he called me immediately on my cell - I broke down and cried. It's been a long time coming for this little guy. He's pretty umm...'energetic and friendly' at school and it often times puts him in the 'handful' category so we had pretty much written off his chances of winning this prestigious honor...but lo and behold, the timing...right after our traumatic event, he is crowned with sweet victory as the big cheese in the baby room.

We are needless to say, very proud.

Stay tuned on St. Pat's Day - I plan to post a blubbering tribute to our little man as March 17 will mark our one year anniversary of learning about him for the first time. Hopefully I can get something together to provoke some HAPPY tears.


steph@paisleypetunia said...

he is such a little rockstar! too cute.

Katy said...

Congratulations! Thanks for your nice comment. I clearly needed to turn on the waterworks for a while. I was totally calm & composed while Aster was so sick. Thanks for the oppportuntiy to get it all out! I'm happy your little Noah Arone is better.


Heather said...

I knew he could do it!!!!! Yeah Noah!!! I just LOVE the photo the choose... I can't wait to tell Mimi in the morning. She will just melt when she hears that her crush is student of the month!

crystal said...

yay noah!!! (but then again, i always knew he was perfect. ;))
the big picture is fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Of COURSE he's student of the month!! And, I love all of the pictures of sweet Noah.

I can't wait to read your post on Monday!