Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Promise is a Promise

I promised you all (my millions of adoring blogger fans) and myself and George that I'd write in this thing daily this week, and a promise is a promise.

I'll have to keep this one short because I am exhausted from this Tuesday that felt like a Monday, getting back to work, being really busy and trying to squeeze in a moment or two to push this adoption journey one tiny step closer to its grand finale.

I did manage today to ask some pretty important and hopefully time saving questions. I asked questions of all 3 entities we are dealing with - Gladney (placement agency), Partners for Adoption (homestudy agency), and Kate @ KBS (the woman we hired to help us complete our foreign dossier, which is the all-important document that will be sent to ET).

I asked them about our employment verification letter. We received from each of them a sample letter of what they wanted to see, and they were all slightly different. So I had to find out if we truly needed to ask our bosses to write 3 letters, or if 1 covering all the bases would suffice. I got an 'almost definite' answer that 1 should be good, as long as all questions are answered. One of the forms even asks them to break it down to yearly, monthly and weekly salary - I'd have thought they could do the math on that one, but I guess not.
I also asked about our medical forms. Same question. I think I got the answer that our physicians need to fill out 2 of the 3 forms. Not quite as simple as the j-o-b but better than all 3, I suppose.

So I've fulilled my promise and reported in, and now I must go to sleep! G'nite!

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