Saturday, October 20, 2007

Almost Orange

I broke my promise. Luckily, I haven't told more than a handful of you about my blog at this point, so there won't be too many people to hold it against me. Sorry, but we have sure been busy. Since I last wrote, we have been all over the place trying to get all of the necessary requirements aka paperwork completed...and I'm very happy to say, that we are almost finished!!! We got fingerprints, medical forms, bank statements, employment letters, insurance info, tax forms (that was a tough one of all things), notarized letters, notarized passports, and on and on. And we filled out housing statements, financial statements, HIPPA forms, PCR forms, Authorization forms and miscellaneous forms galore. And then we had our final homestudy, 3 weeks ago tomorrow. And yesterday...well yesterday...we received our homestudy report. And we passed!!!!!!!!!! We have been officially recommended for approval by our homestudy agency. And while this is just the first of 4 approvals that we will ultimately need, it's a HUGE step because first off, this recommendation only comes once you have ALL of your homestudy paperwork in, which is the bulk of the paperwork overall. AND all other approvals are based largely on this homestudy report! So we are very excited and relieved and HAPPY.

Now the homestudy report will be emailed to our placement agency (Gladney) and we will wait for them to review it along with all of the letters and forms and papers we sent them separately, and hope to get approval from them very shortly (approval #2)! At the same time, our homestudy report will be mailed to USCIS and we will wait for government approval (approval #3). Once we have those (fingers crossed!), we will send everything off to Kate, the dossier expert, and she will prep all of this paperwork along with the notarized letters, notarized passports, notarized references, notarized FBI clearances, photos of us, the house, family, etc. and then send to Ethiopia for translation and down the line, again (fingers crossed!) approval # 4. And then it's baby time!

We are getting so excited, it's a little crazy. But my dear friend Julie just said to me the other day that she believes that adoption can make even the sanest folks since I was a little nutty to begin with, it's no wonder I'm a little over the top right now.

Anil and I have decided to go with an orange-ish nursery, since we won't know boy or girl til very close to travel time. I found this orange rug at JCP and purchased it last weekend. We weren't sure about it at first because it wasn't quite the orange we were imagining, but now we really like it - and so does someone else in the household! We already envision George lying on it in front of the crib, protecting the little one from things that go bump in the night. He's going to be a great big bro.

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