Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Niece, Nephew, George and Finger

We babysat for my nephew, Callan, on Saturday. Had a blast. As you can see, he's easy on the eyes and a pretty happy kid to boot. It was a good practice session. He's 3 mos. old and enjoys playing, eating, sleeping and pooping. Typical dude, I guess.
We were very pleased to see George warm up to Call and although he mostly ignored him, there were moments where he seemed to actually enjoy his presence. And even when Call accidentally punched him (baby punched you know but still) in the face, George did not react. Wshoo!

And I couldn't post pics of Callan without posting one of our beautiful niece and goddaughter, Arianna. I love this pic. I think it was taken in NJ where she lives, but it somehow ended up on my computer, I think because I downloaded it when Anil's parents were in town. We don't get to see Arianna as much as we'd like, but she is in our hearts...and her mommy is due with another nephew in a very short time!

As for us, we had a great time with Callan and then things went South a bit on Sunday when we played softball - at the last minute, a guy from my team bailed so Anil had to come and fill in, even though his team had a bye week. I had a bad feeling about this game for some reason. It was the first time I really didn't want to go. Well, call it intuition, but I wish I hadn't now. Not only did we lose by 14 runs, but Anil went to field a ground ball at shortstop and somehow the ball fielded his finger instead. He has a broken finger now and had to have his nailbed drained (gross, don't ask) and he'll be in a finger splint for 4 weeks! I feel so bad. Poor guy can't type, can barely shower and certainly can't play softball for HIS team these next few weeks...and they are actually going to make the playoffs! Tragedy!

In adoption news, our homestudy has now made its way to Gladney and they are in the process of reviewing it. It sounds like we should know within a week if we are approved by Gladney, which is pretty awesome!! Then the homestudy will be sent to USCIS and we will await their approval. Then the USCIS approval will be sent to Kate notarized, and she will get it authenticated and sent to D.C. and at that point, we will officially be waiting! I can not wait to be waiting.

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