Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Anil and I had a great day today, getting our approval from Gladney on Halloween will certainly always be memorable. :) We decided to stay home tonight in the hopes that we would get a few trick-or-treaters at the door, and we had prepped a BIG BOWL of candy for our visitors. Well...this is our first year in our new place in Santa Monica, and although as you can see from the pic of George (that wasn't posed at all by the way!) we have a very inviting front door, we do live on a major street in SM that doesn't really have a lot of houses on it, so I guess the kids went elsewhere for their candy. Ah well, next year we'll have to make some calls!
Luckily, we did get 2 cute dressed up little girls at the door - our neighbor and her friend - near the end of the night - so we gave them as much candy as they could carry! And got a cool pic before they went. I'm not sure what they were 'supposed to be' but I never ask, just appreciate the effort!
We had a great night celebrating our news and hanging out together, the 3 of us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everybody! I can't wait to see more costume pics of all the little ones tomorrow.


Drew Carey Show said...

You guys are near by! We used to live in Santa Monica too... There are a few of us Gladney families in the So Cal area... Congrats on your approval! (p.s. we didn't get any trick or treaters either...)

m&r said...

Hi Angie - Thanks for the post on our blog! I vow to get some pics of us up on our site soon (although I continue to maintain that EJ is the cutest member of our family). Happy Halloween to you and Anil and Georgie (he's adorable)!

crystal said...

George looks precious as always!