Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Nephew!

Should have posted this a few weeks ago...we have a new nephew! What we can't get over more than how cute Jayan is...is how GROWN UP Arianna is in this photo! She's like a little woman holding her little bro. Since we don't see our East Coast siblings as much, we are shocked at how much she has changed since May, when we saw them last. And suddenly I'm remembering my childhoood when people we didn't see often would say 'my how you've grown...why i remember when you were this big...' and i'm making a mental note not to say that to our goddaughter when we see her next, which will hopefully be SOON! We have to meet Jayan after all. Cutie!

Still no letter from CIS...even though I did speak to someone there the week before last who said we'd been approved and should receive our letter last week...well now it's this week and of course Thanksgiving week and still no letter. Oh well, I will be grateful to know that it's coming and it won't be long now til we can add to the cousin pool. We do have SO MUCH to be thankful for...maybe I'll write more about that on Turkey Day. For now, off to bed.

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