Friday, March 14, 2008

A Lot Can Happen in 15 Weeks

In the past 15 weeks since we began our wait, I have:

- celebrated the holidays with my husband and my dog and family and friends that live closeby
- made extra efforts to get my little business that could off the ground, making some progress
- begun to investigate childcare options for baby, once my 8 weeks of leave end
- read up a little on parenting and adoption
- toasted my amazing husband on his 30th birthday, and grown closer to him every day
- enjoyed a romantic valentine's day dinner with my husband a day early (to beat the rush)
- cried often and hard for both happy and sad reasons
- laughed many times with friends over the silliest of things
- seen photos of my cousins craig & jennifer's recently born triplets - 3 boys! (congrats, guys!)
- missed my family who mostly live far away
- begun to think more seriously about my career path and moving it forward
- lived on less and saved more than I ever thought was possible

In the past 15 weeks, I have not:

- let a day go by where I didn't think about this adoption, and our baby, and the way our lives are going to change forever when we get that call
- stopped wondering how our baby will come to be, and under what circumstances, and hoping for peace and love to be surrounding the situation, no matter how difficult it may be
- purchased any baby items, with the exception of a onesie that says "apple of my eye"
- done as much reading and learning and preparing as I dreamed I would before we were waiting
- put together my wedding album (from our wedding in '04!), like I pictured myself doing on a lazy Saturday afternoon in 'wait'
- ceased to recognize and feel grateful for all of the crazy good fortune and mad crazy good people that have come our way as a result of this process
- been able to fully grasp that all of this is actually happening and in a few short months, we could be parents!


Lindsey and Cortney said...

You will be parents. Isn't that a powerful statement? In just a few short months your heart will no longer ache to see your child's face. You will be there to comfort, soothe, rock, kiss, feed, hold, love,...your sweet child. Ian has made me so much more appreciative of my life and the God who put us together. Even at 4am when he wakes up and just wants to play I thank God for the opportunity to know this wonderful child!! Very soon you will be at the end of this wait.

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

AGREE - "let a day go by where I didn't think about this adoption"

I have had friend ask if we think about it a lot. It's not even like we are "thinking" about it, it is just that presence ALWAYS in our minds, you know?

Have a great weekend

Chris & Jess said...

This is a great list Angie! I love the "have nots". I had visions of me scrapbooking (never done it, but it looked fun), doing a clean sweep of all of my closets, etc etc. You are so right though, every day I think about our son. I can't believe that any day, ANY DAY now, you will be getting THE CALL! I'm so excited for you're going to be amazing parents.

m&r said...

Love it. It's a great reminder that as frustrating as the wait can sometimes be, it is also such an amazing opportunity to really focus on the people and things that mean the most to us. Of course, I am hoping you get your referral very soon, so that you don't have too much more time for the "haves and have nots."

Rebecca said...

I just keep thinking that this HAS to be the week for us!! :) Hopefully!

graceling said...

Hey Angie, guess what? I tagged you! Go over to my adoption blog to see why I picked you and what all the rules are:)