Friday, March 28, 2008

Noah Coffee

Last night I went to meet my dear friend Shannon at an Irish pub for some beverages. It was awesome because we hadn’t seen each other since we both learned of little Noah Arone (my future son, her future honary nephew) ( we hope!) and then turned right around and learned of our pending court date. We had a lot to celebrate. So we were talking most of the night about Noah and I was filling her in on some of the details of his life thus far and we were discussing how it was meant to be and getting chills just thinking about how it all went down. I was saying how I felt like this was the culmination of so many things and we agreed that it was just too huge to put into words, what is happening.

Then she started asking me about our trip to Ethiopia and what we would be doing while we are over there. And I was telling her how we would likely meet Noah either the day we get there or the next if it’s late, and how we would visit the local orphanages and climb Entoto Mountain and then finally, participate in a coffee ceremony and how that is a traditional way of celebrating in Ethiopia and I am excited to take part in one and learn about it.

Suddenly, over the PA system at the bar (mind you, we didn’t’ even know they had one because they hadn’t made any announcements all night and didn’t after) we hear “NOAH, NOAH COFFEE…please report to the bar. NOAH.” Ok, so they may have actually said Noah Coffman or Crawford or something, but we heard Noah Coffee, over the loud speakers, and we were totally amazed with chills running down our spines.

Weird, right? C’mon, you gotta admit that’s a little strange.

Also, my husband was just asked to become a member of the Moose Lodge. This has nothing to do with the above story, I just thought it was hysterical that Anil has been invited to be a moose.

Happy Friday!


Shannon said...

Anil the MOOSE that's awesome! And people I WAS THERE, it is true, voices from somewhere called NOAH COFFEE to the table!!! xoxo

Eric & Tara said...

Whoa. Cool story!
And Anil is a Moose??! I have always wondered what they do in the Moose lodge!! All I can picture is how Fred Flintstone is was in something like that...but man, that is hilarious. I hope he accepts the that all my dreams of finding out what they do in there, can be fulfilled!

graceling said...

What is the Moose lodge?

Jocelyn said...

I am a little behind the times...Congrats on your court day!

Debbie said...

Wow that is cool about them calling for Noah Coffee!! God is so cool like that!! Just confirmations!


-Samantha- said...

Hi there, iour court dates go well, perhaps we will be able to travel together. Please e-mail me at I hope we meet our babies soon!

Heather said...

I love Irish pubs & I love coffee... hummmm??!!



P.S. I always suspected that Anil was a moose.

Chris & Jess said...

Get Out! That's a very cool story about Noah Coffee.
You must get Anil one of those Moose Hats, with the antlers that stick out of the sides!

Rebecca said...

You are cracking me up over here :)

Ted and Lori said...

I love these things! Very cool. Growing up, I went swimming at the Moose Lodge in Natchez, Mississippi, with my grandparents all the time. Fun memories there.