Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet the Parents

Finally, my post about meeting Julie and her family...you know, Julie with the 2 snakes, 3 kittens, 2 fish and 2 bunnies that lives in the purple house and has 3 of the most adorable children I've ever met, the youngest of whom she has already made arrangements for to wed our son. And boy, would he be a lucky dude if that actually happens!!

The first slideshow above shows some candids that were taken with my sister's camera including shots of Marlie and Noah's getting to know you sessions where she would point at him and say 'baby Noah' and near the end of our visit, she was comparing their feet which was ADORABLE. Also in this slideshow are a series of photos of Noah laughing himself silly at Marshall, Julie's husband and a fine man, who had him spinning out of control with drool and giggles, hysterical. And of course the always funny faces of Seamus and Haven, to top things off. Such cool cats, those two.

We had a blast with them as usual and Marshall took some incredible shots of Noah and our family - the guy has got skills. If you haven't seen his photography blog, go now. I've included a slideshow below of a few of the pics he took while we were there; but I'm holding off on several of them because we *may* be using them for a card we're creating at the moment to send to family and friends.

Suffice to say, it was quite a treat for Noah to meet his potential future in-laws and potential future bride. Love was in the air, I know that much.


Rebecca said...

Noah is already promised! Well, Marlie is pretty darn cute - and, I'm sure she'll make the perfect daughter-in-law!

H. said...

Great photos! They were worth the wait. :-) Marshall does have the skills, huh?!

It's wonderful to see all that happiness & joy! You can feel the "love in the air".

xo H.

Laura said...

That was an awesome night!! I am so glad I got to be there for Noah and Marlie's first date! hehe It was really cool seeing Marlie warm up to Noah! They are such a cute couple! Lots of Love, Auntie L :)

Julie said...

You're right, "love was in the air"! We're already planning our joint Christmases with you guys!

Now the trick is to make Noah and Marlie think it's their idea! :)

DC said...

Love the new pics!

Tami said...

I'm starting to think pre-arranged marriages may be the way to go. Look at our stats, we aren't ding so good these days anyway! LOL

sparkz said...

I was reading older post on your blog and came across this one. I recognized the kids from their "One Year Later" Video!
Its funny b/c we LOVE the video and have seen it 100's of times. So I thought it was neat that thats who you are in these pictures with!

Your right the photography blog is AWESOME!