Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope You Had a HAPPY Valetine's Day!

I know Noah did. He was paid a visit by one of his favorite little ladies, Miss Mimi, and boy, did he let her know that she was his Valentine supreme. Noah is very "affectionate" with many of his similar-sized munchkin friends...but there is something about this Mimi girl that he can't quite put his finger on. Heather mentioned that a book she's reading said toddlers are a lot like neanderthals, and Mimi definitely brngs out the neanderthal in him. He's all over her, and thankfully, she is starting to not be entirely put off by it, so we were able to get some cute shots of them this time.

My parents are in town and my dad made a great lasagna with garlic bread - I tossed up a quick salad and we all had a nice little dinner in the living room (we turned our dining room into a playroom for Noah so toys could stay confined to single spot - mostly!) - Grandma let Noah drink from her cup, Grandpa made Mimi giggle, we all watched and was a super fun night!

Now I don't want to upset all of the other ladies out there who Noah loves as well - Marlie, Gaby, Ty, Simone, Tunsitu, etc etc etc - but this Valentine's Day, Noah's heart belonged to Mimi. Don't fear though - his shirt says 'heartbreaker' so clearly things could be different by next February.

Heather & Chris said that they hope that in 20 years, Mimi & Noah are best buds and laughing together at all the funny pictures we are taking of them now. And we couldn't agree with that hope more. Raising a child so far away from family can be tough, so we are very thankful for our dear friends - and love it when we can blend the family/friend-family into one cool celebration.


Heather said...

We had so much fun last night!!! Thanks again for having us over!! Mimi is still on cloud 9 from her goodnight kiss!

Laura said...

Too CUTE!!!!! Missing you lots and lots! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Auntie L :)

Ladybugs appear said...

it's undeniable - those two have a very special connection. I loved the photos!!!

Rebecca said...

Mimi and Noah do make a pretty cute couple!

I'm loving Noah's jeans with the skull and crossbones. What a cutie!

m&r said...

What a cute couple!! Hope you had a great day!