Monday, December 17, 2007

2 weeks down!

Not much to report lately, just hard to believe that we already have 2 weeks of waiting behind has gone by fast. I think we were fortunate to go on the wait list just before the holidays, it's helping us get a quick start on the wait.

I'm constantly following everyone's blogs and hoping for referals for all of those families that are close. I think I have yet to NOT tear up upon reading a 'referal call' story. They are just so emotionally charged, it's hard to even imagine what that must feel like. I guess one day we will know, for now we can truly only imagine and feel the elation for all of these great people learning of their son/daughter for the very first time!

My husband and I have decided to send out an 'announcement' over this holiday season to let our friends & family know of our adoption. Many of them already do but many don't. We've been apprehensive about 'going wide' with the news for fear of something going wrong or getting messed up, but we've found enough strength and encouragement that we're ready to spread the great news!

So expect to see another blog entry from me shortly. I want to post something for the new visitors that might come to the blog after seeing our email announcement, letting them know a little bit about our plans and our decision. I hope some of you won't mind if I link to your blogs...I've found that others have said it much better than I think I ever could on topics such as 'why Ethiopia'...'how it all works' and other important topics. Rather than fumble through it myself, I'll likely just borrow from my wise blogger pals.

In fact, if you have tackled one of these topics and feel like letting me know where I can find your entry, I'd love to hear from you! Otherwise, I'll be searching far and near this week to find those posts I've seen in the past to help me out!

I hope everyone is having a great HOLIDAY Season! :)


Drew Carey Show said...

We waited until we were officially waiting before going public with our adoption -- for the same reasons. It will be so exciting to finally share your good news with everyone. Our adoption of Zoe has been such a community affair; it's really been special for everyone involved. And what a small world that you guys know Heather too. She freelances for Drew's company quite frequently and has worked on a few of my projects. We'll have to have you all over one of these days after the holidays...

Danni and Tommy said...

You know Heather too? How? If it's the same Heather I'm thinking it're right, it's such a small world. It would be wonderful for all of us to get together. That Carey has good ideas :)
Congrats on being 2 weeks down. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!