Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here is the email we received from Gladney on Friday:

Dear Anil and Angela,
Kate has informed me that your dossier is ready to be sent to D.C. for final authentication! This means that you are officially placed on waitlist to receive a referral! Currently, families have waited anytime up to three months to five months to receive a referral on average. Please keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change at any time. Congratulations on making it through the tedious dossier process! You made it! :)
As you know, I will be in touch with you as soon as a referral is ready for you. I ask for your patience during this time and completely understand that “waiting” is probably the most difficult (yet exciting!) part for most parents. While you are waiting, it will be a good time for you to complete your required continuing education requirements for Hague. You will only be required to watch Ethiopia Training, Parts 1 & 2, as the rest has been covered through Adoption Learning Partners. Please visit for this course that is available to you through Video on Demand. You may put the code: gladfam.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
I am so excited for you!

Ethiopia Program Caseworker
The Gladney Center for Adoption

So we are officially waiting and officially excited to know that somewhere out there, our baby is also waiting for us! We hope upon hope that this baby is doing well, and his/her family is doing well too, and everyone is cared for and safe and sound.


Rebecca said...

YAY!! So, we probably will travel together! How fun is that?!? Did you request boy or girl? We didn't, so it's going to be a surprise!! How fun that we are paper pregnant together :)

m&r said...

Congratulations!!! This is so exciting - I love seeing good news when I check in on all the blogs! Hope your wait for a referral goes very quickly.

Danni and Tommy said...

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great to be all done with the paperwork? You are officially paper pregnant! You will be able to remove the "almost" in no time at all...
Cheers to you!

Jana said...

wonderful news!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

YAY! This is a HUGE step. I can't WAIT to be officially waiting! :) We're hoping to have our dossier ready soon and can join the rest of the waiting families.

I'll be checking back often looking for your referral. :)