Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Holiday Email Blast!


This weekend, we are sending out a holiday email to let all of those important people in our lives know of our plans to adopt a baby from Ethiopia in the coming year. Anil and I are very excited to share this news officially with all of our friends and family! Some of them have heard, some haven't, so it'll be a fun way to bring in the upcoming year.

We will also be letting them know about this blog, so that they can follow along on our journey if they'd like. Since I'm hoping that means that we will see more visitors curious about what we're up to, I was planning to post something here explaining a little bit more about our decision to adopt and our process.

We're adopting because we want to be parents. And we are following our hearts to Ethiopia. Anyone that really knows us knows that we don't jump into any decision, especially one that is this important, without very careful consideration, research and planning. So here we are, in the midst of the greatest experience of our lives thus far! And we couldn't be happier!!!

Adoption is a roller coaster ride for sure. We are doing our best to take it all in stride and even with all the mixed emotions that come with our decision, we are incredibly hopeful and feel like this path was meant for us and will only lead to greater, more amazing and life-changing decisions down the road.

Adopting internationally, and specifically adopting from Ethiopia, has opened up a whole new world to us. We have made many great friends through this process already, and know that we will meet many more cool people who share our experiences and passion and who have children for ours to play with! Please take time to check out the blogs I have posted on the right side of this blog - and let those blogs lead you to other blogs. The community is endless and it's incredible to be a part of it. Adoption and adopting can feel like a lonely road at times, since not many have experienced it, and it's difficult to understand the journey unless you're in it, so we are beyond grateful to have met some wonderful people with whom we can connect, to learn from and share with as we continue on our path.

The blogs are also a lot of fun because as you will see, getting that referral call, when you learn about your baby for the very first time, is truly the most surreal and emotional experience - and many of these bloggers have already received that call - those posts are the BEST! Loads of pics of some BEAUTIFUL children!

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks waiting for far, so good. We are going to ring in 2008 with a bang, knowing that we will become parents to a beautiful baby and start a whole new adventure. We look forward to sharing it with everyone!


Jen and Brian Cantwell said...

Hi there. I see you guys are in CA. We're in the SF area and 8 weeks into our wait today. Get in touch! I'll be stalking your blog now! Not long!

Scott & Emily Lydick said...

Waiting is hard but you guys will get the call by Spring!!! Hang in there.

Laura said...

Hi Georgie! Still waiting, can't wait! xoxo