Friday, January 18, 2008

7 weeks today and HI Shannon!

Today marks 7 weeks of waiting! So by my calculations based on those that have been receiving referrals lately, we may be getting close to the halfway mark toward seeing our baby for the very first time (in photos of course!)...that's so amazing!!!

I also want to shout out a big HI to my cool & beautiful friend, Shannon, who I think might be visiting my blog to catch up today. Shannon is one of my best friends, and a true inspiration to me. I want to tell her story on my blog, but I have to ask her permission first. Shannon, can I tell your story?

Happy MLK Day Weekend, everyone!


Shannon said...

Angie, I give you permission to tell ANY story you'd like IF you allow ME to be an Auntie to your sweet child to be. I love you sister! XO

Angela said...

Angie! Hi! So glad you found me! Of course you can put a link to my blog! I'd be honored! :)
May I link you as well?
Look forward to following your journey! Congrats on your official 'wait'!