Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bringing Noah HOME

What an amazing journey from March 16, 2008 (hanging out at the pier) to April 28, 2008 (holding Noah in their arms in Addis Ababa)!

Hi everyone, it's "Auntie L"! This should be my last blog for Angie since she will be home tomorrow, yes that's right, tomorrow!! I talked to her this morning and she was frantically packing because they were getting picked up in 2 hours and everything was everywhere! She said to tell everyone she was so excited to get back to Santa Monica to show Noah his room and of course introduce him to his big brother Georgie! Of course we have no pictures, but she promises more pictures than we can imagine and tons of wonderful stories as soon as she gets back!

Last night they went to Dreamland. It is a crater lake that used to be a volcano about an hour from Addis Ababa. They and the family sharing the house with them had dinner with a couple of new families that had just arrived and gotten their babies All she could say was that is was really beautiful and they had a fantastic time!

I guess that is all I know for now! If everything goes as planned, they leave Ethiopia around 10:15pm tonight and arrive in D.C. at 7:55am tomorrow. They have a 4hour lay over and arrive at LAX at 3:05pm. Think lots of positive thoughts and prayers for a safe journey HOME!


Rebecca said...

So fun to see you all together as a family! The way it was meant to be!

Praying for safe travels for you guys. Can't wait to hear allll about Ethiopia!

Heather said...

Thanks for the update Auntie L!! We are so excited to see them tomorrow! Chris & I will take lots of photos to share with everyone too.

LISA said...

Oh my gosh! Almost home!!
So excited to hear all about your trip!
Thank you Auntie L,for all the updates!!

crystal said...

i cant believe he'll finally be here tomorrow!!! i am so ecstatic!