Saturday, May 3, 2008

Noah Update!

Hi everyone! It's "Auntie L" again! Sorry no pictures this time! Ange sent a quick short email this morning and I wanted to share!

We are having a great day bc we are doing one of my favorite things - SHOPPING!!! We just went to the leprosy hospital where they make all of the crafts by hand and I bought SO MUCH STUFF and it is unbelievably beautiful. I even got to spin the yarn with a sweet lady before hand. This was one of my favorite stops so far -- unbelievably cool. I will have pics to add later. Heading to the marketplace for more shopping in a minute.

Noah Arone is doing great!!! We are super happy (especially now that we're well!)
Angie, Anil and Noah

Angie says that Noah is very vocal! He is either squealing in delight at just about anything or letting them know he is hungry! My mom was talking to her yesterday and they could hardly hear each other because Noah was squealing so much! Mom says it was a GREAT sound!


Julie said...

Thanks so much for the great updates, "Auntie L"! We are so glad to hear how Angie, Anil and Noah are doing and we can't wait for them to get home!!!

LISA said...

Ahhh! Great update!!!

DrewCareyShow said...

fun, fun, fun! I can picture it all...