Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Day after Tomorrow

I just can't wait for tomorrow. Because tomorrow I can say that tomorrow we leave to pick up our son! This is so major. Me, a mom. And Anil, a dad. Holding our son for the first time. Making memories in Ethiopia we will never forget. Amazing.

And speaking of amazing, I thought on this day before tomorrow when I can say that tomorrow I am going to Ethiopia, I would share a few photos of the amazing blog book that my sister put together, with the help of my fabulous cousins, Kari, Rachael & Jen. It's a book that documents my blogging from the beginning. Time was taken to cut, paste, print, cut out and decorate each of my posts along the road to Noah, and it's pretty darn cool. They presented it to me at the shower last weekend and I was blown away.

How incredibly great is it that I will have this to remember all my crazy, silly, emotional, anxious, happy, ecstatic, frustrated, longing, excited rants. Blogging for me has turned out to be such an integral part of this whole process. I have loved documenting our journey and sharing information, support and encouragement with other adoption bloggers as well. I know everyone says you give up quite a bit of your privacy to blog, especially in this way, about something so personal, but I think for the community and support that you gain, losing a little privacy is well worth it. And I've never been much of a private person anyway, my heart is always hanging out on my sleeve.

I'm really grateful for so much and so many right now. And I love my new blog book. And I can't wait for tomorrow.


coffeemom said...

Hey! TOMORROW you leave for Africa! To go get your baby son!!!!! How cool is that???? Well, it is the BEST THING EVER!!! Will be praying for a safe wonderful trip....hug our boy Tariku for us please and put up pics when you can please.

YOu're leaving, tomorrow! YahooO!!!

Chris & Jess said...

What a wonderful gift! That is SO thoughtful! Did you do the ugly cry? :)
Have a wonderful trip to Noah! This is sooo exciting!!!!

m&r said...

What an amazing idea!

I can't believe you are leaving tomorrow to meet Noah. How exciting!! I wish you guys safe and happy travels. I can't wait to read about your adventures in Ethiopia and parenthood (could it be a sequel to your book in the making?).

Eric & Tara said...

This is so crazy that you are leaving TOMORROW!!! I am sending lots of love and safe travel wishes your way...have a wonderful time with YOUR SON!!!!!

Jared and Amy said...

Oh that is so sweet!!!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!!

Katie McFadden said...

Yeah! It's finally here.. You leave tomorrow to meet your son!!! It's so crazy, wonderful and awesome, I just can't get over it! I can't wait to see those first pictures of you holding your son!!!!! I will be thinking of you tons and wishing you all the best on your amazing journey!

Big Hugs, Katie

Laura said...

Don't worry, we will finish your journal/scrapbook up til you are home in Santa Monica, CA!! Creating this for you, Anil, and Noah has been a labor of LOVE!! Can't wait to see you holding Noah! Lots of Love, Auntie L :)

Heather said...

WOW! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Your family rocks!!

Everything must feel a bit like a blur... it was just St. Patrick's day when you got "the call" and now you are leaving TOMORROW to meet your son!

So, TOMORROW is just a day away.... YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!

We are so excited, thrilled, overjoyed and happy for you guys. Travel safe and hurry home!! And remember, Chris & I are ready for baby sitting duties!

Love, Hether & Chris
p.s. Is there any room in your suitcase for ME?

crystal said...

i cant wait! i am so excited for you both!!!

Shannon said...

John and I are full with well wishes for the three of you as you meet, travel, and SNUGGLE together in Africa. We cannot wait for your return. We love you. xo

Rebecca said...

LOVING that book! So cute!