Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sweet, sweet Andrea took time out of her trip to pick up her beautiful daughter to email me this latest photo of Noah Arone. How cool is that? We get to see that toothless smile up close and personal. And did you notice what else is in this photo? That's right, folks, a GIRAFFE! For those of you that remember my giraffe post from back when we were waiting, waiting...I hope you find this as 'interesting' as I do.

We're in IL for my hometown baby shower. It's tomorrow afternoon - I'm super excited! My sister and family have gone to great pains to keep everything completely secret from me. It's pretty hysterical. The only 2 things I know are that it's at Noon and we're having lunch.

Well okay I did see an email to my mom from my sis today when I was on her computer that had the subject "Candy List Altered" and I overheard my sister asking someone on the phone something about the colors green, black and purple. But that's IT. It's been fun taunting her with the little info I have because she gets so upset. Really cute. I'll report back tomorrow on what is sure to be an awesome (and completely surprising) event! I can't wait to find out what this altered candy list is all about...


Laura said...

You are having too much fun taunting me sister! All will be revealed soon, very soon! Lots of Love, Auntie L :)

Rebecca said...

Crazy! I remember the giraffe post! It's meant to be! Don't you think he looks so different? It's amazing to me how much they change!

Fun shower! I love surprises, but I still TRY to find out things. :)

graceling said...

Breadcrumbs. Love 'em.

Have fun at the shower!

emeebe said...

We're just starting the paperwork, and I've been following your blog. Just wanted to jump in and say:

he's beautiful.
have a wonderful trip!
enjoy your baby shower!