Monday, April 28, 2008

Noah Arone is in Our arms in Addis

Hi everyone! It's Auntie L, Angie's sister again! We just recieved this email from Angie about 15 minutes ago. I know you are all anxiously awaiting information just like I was!! I would have been happy if they said, "We're here, Noah's Awesome," but we got a whole lot more! Enjoy! :)

We arrived safely in Addis Ababa last night safe and sound. Unfortunately, only 2 of our 5 bags made it here with us. But nothing could ruin the excitement and anticipation of meeting Noah Arone...and we have! This morning, after a night's sleep (what little we could get anyway) and after a full breakfast of french toast and oatmeal, we went to the Gladney Care Center and waited for sweet Joanna to bring down our sweet little boy. He is everything we dreamed he'd be and more. Beautiful, HAPPY, engaged, mellow, sweet, and ours! We are so happy to be with Mr. Happy. I wish we could send photos but we have not yet found an internet cafe that is able to email pictures. We will - I am determined before we leave! Hopefully tomorrow.

For now, wanted to let you all know we made it and we are having the best time. The other families here are wonderful too and the people of Ethiopia are friendly, warm and love babies! Noah woke up from a little nap early this afternoon so that we could come to this internet spot and he was crying a bit...Anil took him downstairs to the car while I packed our things. As soon as he got downstairs, the crying stopped. I got down there to find our driver holding Noah, and Anil said he stopped his crying instantly.

Tonight will be our first night together as a family. We will write again tomorrow if we can to let you know how it goes. :) We think it will go great!

We are hoping to get our bags on a flight that comes in tomorrow. All we can do is cross our fingers. Thanks to heather's amazing packing skills, we did get the bag with our clothes and Noah's, so at least we got the most important one!

My mom just talked to Angie and she said everything is GREAT!!! And that Anil is SUPER DAD!!! As Angie and my mom were talking she said Noah was enjoying his pacifier and just looking up at his mommy!


Heather said...

Oh Happy day!!!! The Kurian's are complete now! We cannot wait for Mr. Happy Kurian to come home and spread some of that joy. I am sitting here drinking my espresso, with Truman on my lap and crying happy tears!!!

We have been thinking of you constantly, wondering if you were holding Noah yet, I am so glad your sis is posting for you. (THANKS Auntie L) And we are delighted that you arrived in Addis safe and sound with at least 2 of your bags, thank goodness one of them was the bag with your undies:)

Looking forward to the photos... keep the posts coming! We miss you! Enjoy every moment and come home soon!!

Heather & Chris

Katie McFadden said...

AWESOME! So great to hear everything is going so well! I'm just so excited that they are in Ethiopia and are finally with their son! Crossing my fingers for some pictures tomorrow!!! =)

Jocelyn said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy to hear that he is in your arms!

Julie said...

We're so happy to hear an update!!! So exciting and we're not surprised one bit to hear Anil is "Super Dad". I know Angie is "Super Mom" too. We can't wait to meet you Noah!!!

We're praying for you guys. Hope you get your other bags soon!

Kimberly Baggett said...

i am thrilled for everyone! so glad you have him in your arms! can't wait to see pictures!

Rebecca said...

I'm so happy that you guys are holding Noah now! I'm just excited!!!!

DrewCareyShow said...

I'm with Heather -- happy tears! I can just feel the emotions of that unbelievable joy of holding your child for the first time. What a gift!

LISA said...

Ahhhh, How happy you guys must be!!!! Holding your little baby,finally!