Monday, April 14, 2008

Glider, Name Change & Photos Anyone?

We went back and forth on the 'to glide or not to glide' dilemna. It's amazing how many opinions on all this baby stuff there are, and how different they are from one another. But my mom bought us this beautiful glider a few weeks back and we love it! So it is 'to glide' for us! This pic is of the glider in our little nook that we have started to think of as the Noah Nook. It's a beautiful spot in the front of our place, with sunlight for days, as you can see. Some amazing memories will be made here for sure. We can't wait!

Ok so obviously I need to change the name of my blog. I'm having a hard time coming up with something clever and fun so I'm asking for help. If you have any good ideas, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

AND if any Gladney families have referrals or even think they 'might' get a referral while we are in Ethiopia, and you want me to take some photos of your babies, please leave your email here and I'll contact you. You can either mail me a memory card or just let me know who to look for and I'll be sure to get some pics.

I'm going to try to check email at least a few times while we are in Ethiopia so make sure you get my email address if you think there's a chance. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Lori Rooney who was already over there when we got our referral. She took some adorable shots of Noah on one of her last trips to the care center. So awesome! We are HAPPY to do the same for anyone who would like us to.

Hard to comprehend that 2 weeks from today we will be holding our little guy for the first time. Just no way to fully imagine it - we tried this weekend and it was just so overwhelming. I'm trying to stay in the moment and soak in as much as I can as we progress and prepare for his sweet arrival.

** Update - Julie has already won the contest for the name change. I know it might not seem fair since I just started it - but she just knows how much I love the Almost and I must admit, not having to change the blog address is very appealing. In short, she's brilliant! And I'm in a rush with everything right about now. So I'm going with it. BUT Rebecca's idea of Noah's Nook might have to take over when we get back. Love the sound of that too! I love all my brilliant blog pals!


Jenni said...

"The roller coaster begins" lol. I have been following this blog for a while now and I just wanted to take time to tell you how wonderful all of this is. I am so happy for you. I can tell that you are walking on cloud 9. The nursery looks great. As for the glider, I have to agree with you. I loved mine. have a great day and God bless.

Julie said...

I just love your little Noah nook!

And my vote for a name change is "Formerly Almost Mom" or "Almost Mom No More", that way you can keep your blogger address. And the "almost" theme you like.

Rebecca said...

It looks like things are coming together! I know it is an exciting time. Not much longer...yeah!

Perhaps "Absolutely Mom" for a name change? Although I think Noah's Nook has an awfully nice ring to it.
Rebecca H.

Laura said...

Ok, I know you already changed your blog name, and I like it, but I had one too for the record! Almost Mom . . . Forever Mom! The glider looks inviting and peaceful! Noah will love it! Can't wait to meet my little nephew! Love, Auntie L :)

Shannon said...

Love the glider you two. So adorable and comfy looking. Just remembering how your new home fell into place with all of the perfect 'Noah Nooks' AND a YARD! just in time for baby Noah. Magical! Godly! PERFECT!!!! Deserved! xo