Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today is my other son's 5th BIRTHDAY! I could not let this day go by without posting about this special dog. George has been in our lives almost all of his life; in fact, as I'm writing this, I'm realizing he came into our lives at about 4 1/2 months old, just shy of Noah's age when we meet him NEXT WEEK! :)

George has had a great year - he has learned many things, had many happy walks and talks with his dad, and been a very good boy. Highlights of this year include:

1 - he learned to ROLL OVER! We had taught him sit and down early on but had stopped there. Then I guess we thought it was too late after a while, thinking no way to teach an 'old dog new tricks'...well I guess that theory is false, because he loves to roll over now. Albeit, half way, but it's a roll over. And we're proud!

2 - he has become even better at being mr. watch dog...scaring away postmen, delivery boys, skateboarders, bicyclers, and most recently, a thief! Just the other night, Anil woke at 3am to George barking his head off, and he saw a head pass by our window. He thought nothing of it until the next day when we discovered that one of our good softball bats and Anil's favorite glove were missing! That was a major bummer, but I am convinced that George scared them away before they could grab anything else from our backyard or worse yet, try to come inside!

3 - and probably the most profound change for George this year, is that he has slowly started to pick up on the fact that something is changing. He is gaining a little brother named Noah and everything is about to be turned topsy-turvy - he knows this somehow, and he is a little freaked out. All the sudden our place is filled with things for baby, furniture is being moved, boxes unpacked, suitcases packed, cribs and gliders built, and lots of squeals and general hoop-la from mom and dad. He is a little bewildered by it all, no doubt, but he is taking it in stride and we just know that because he is after all the best dog in the world, he will grow to love this new life with his new little friend, Noah.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Georgie! Our lives will never be the same, only richer and more FUN!


crystal said...

so sweet! i love him!

m&r said...

Happy Birthday George!!

ps - ej is very impressed by George's (half) roll-over; he's trying to learn how to do this too, but it only works when he thinks someone will rub his belly :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday George!

Love, your little buddy,

Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIE!!!!! Mom and Dad will give you some treats from your Auntie L! Lots of Love, Laura :)

Jennifer and Jody said...

I love this post! Probably because I am freak in love with my dogs and could post about them every day! We have been making sure every time we go into the nursery, the dogs can follow and they sniff around and are more interested than anything else- we also tell them how much they will love their baby...er...we hope. Happy Birthday George!

LISA said...

Happy Birthday Georgie!!!

emily said...

Happy Birthday George!!

Did you get my email on the onesie?